Black Listed!

You better do not show up on this page! You better pay your bills! Individuals and companies that have not fulfilled their commitments in our business relationship.

1) 2003-2005

AEROMAXX Ohio AEROMAXX failed to pay the cost for restoration, assembling, parts, FCU repair, etc for L-39C N39XK (S/N 332441) and L-39C N139US (S/N 332443) in the amount of US$ 161,125.11 (includes interest). Both airplanes have been sold to new owners.

2) 2006

Security Aviation Inc. Anchorage, AK, Bankruptcy case Spare parts delivery, Service, Spare parts blocked by FBI and Security Aviation, after court case, for 6 months. The bankruptcy court was able to pay only a portion of the total claim. Damage: US$ 203,000

3) 2008

“UAB French Sukhoi” Accident investigation for insurance reasons, after engine failure and emergency landing with engine on fire, L-39C RA3465K. Unpaid invoice: 12.000 EUR plus check fraud

4) 2011

Aero Jet Fighter Pontoise (FR) Unpaid spare wheels, tyres and transportation cost for wheels which have been damaged during tyre exchange. Unpaid invoice: 6.000 EUR

5) 2012

SNC Bernard, Paris (FR) Unpaid service/repair work in May 2012 on RA1139K on Nimes-Garons (FR), before the L-39 airplane was stolen on June 17th, 2012 from the airport. Unpaid invoice: 9.416,70 EUR

6) 2022

Code 1 Aviation, Rockford IL (USA) Unpaid parts delivery (L-39 Canopy Molds and others) delivered by us on 02/20/2020 as ordered by Code 1 Aviation on 08/19/2019. We've been patient for over two years! And we are sad about this development with a formerly good customer. Unpaid invoice: 13,684.00 EUR


There are a few more candidates who are willing to appear on this list soon.

However, if you pay your bills, you will be removed from the list in the next minute.



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