Ground Course Info

A basic training course for L-39 takes approximately 10 days or 100 hrs instruction in the classroom. A minimum of 6 participants is required, but not more than 10!

Course attendees should read the applicable L-39 Manual before attending!

This avoids very basic questions in the classroom and allows us to go much deeper into the details.

The test after completing the 10 days will be a closed book test, multiple choice, with a test pass mark of 75 %. A course certificate will be issued after the course and sent by mail to each attendee.

After the course each attendee will get a free MS PowerPoint course as a refresher tool on two DVDs.

In addition to the content of the course, the monthly L-39 Tech Newsletters will be presented and discussed during the course. Also results and findings of our Crash Investigations on behalf of the US NTSB, CASA and the British AAIB will be discussed with Pilots and Mechanics. This will be based on documents, reports and videos.

Course facilities need to be equipped with a Microsoft Windows XP compatible beamer.

Please email us for more details about the course!

In the case that the course has not been successfully completed / test not passed, a course certificate will be issued anyway…







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