The History of aero-contact

After 19 years of military service in the Air Force, a new beginning and a civil career happened in the year 1991. However, the Federal Forces of Germany did not forget about us and called us back for all kinds of services. Sometimes very special services!

So the team of aero-contact quickly developed from a "one man army" to a team always in the right size to fulfill customers demands. Having all the MiG-21 and L-39 "times" of our team members in mind, we are reaching easily 100+ years of technical and administrative experience.
Even more, if we count the "helicopter" and "transport airplane" time to that.

Beside of the aviation part, aero-contact provides services for fire brigades, power plants, race courses, the government….simply to all who are in a need to operate jet engines.

The experience of the team often leads to governmental contracts or results in the request for assistance. This includes Air Races, Aircraft Accident Investigations, Appraisals, Insurance cases and legal assistance in court cases.

Feel free to ask for more details. We will answer as far as no restrictions by law are given.



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