Mining Industry

aero-contact provides full service for MiG-21 engines used in the mining industry. The engines are an indispensable equipment in the winter time to ensure an uninterrupted delivery of brown coal to the power plants. The jet blast with its velocity and temperature heats up the whole frozen train.









MiG-21 engine in a bunker

The operational conditions in the mining industry are different in comparison to a clean airport. Therefore, the maintenance is also different and goes much deeper into the system.

As an example may serve that fuel nozzles which are usually maintenance free between engine overhauls, are now subject to a special cleaning and testing procedure.











Dirty fuel nozzle as they arrive









Clean fuel nozzles











Fuel nozzle testing after cleaning process.

This technology is also available for AI-25TL fuel nozzles.

In our shop we repair components for our industrial customers. This ranges from nozzles and filters to the repair of fuel pumps and electrical equipment for those engines.







Not a real industrial purpose for an L-29 engine…but it works, too.









Drying and cleaning race courses with an M-701 engine. Maintained by us. aero-contact developed the armored protection unit around the turbine. Tested with an AK-47. Result: Test passed!
















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