aero-contact provides technology and service in the range of demilitarization of airplanes and helicopters since 1992. The development of "de-mil" technologies started in close relationship with the German government in 1991, converting the military L-39ZO into a civil training aircraft in accordance with Paris Treaty documents.
The Fire Fighting Helicopter Mi-14 Eliminator has also been converted from an anti-submarine helicopter Mi-14 BT/PL which was listed as a "war-machine".
aero-contact provides service for military and governments in Europe and other places, to verify that equipment is disarmed and not dangerous, or if that is not the case, we make it disarmed and harmless.
Demilitarization of MiG-21 and MiG-17 in the Netherlands
Welding a GSha-23 cannon together, till demilitarized
GSha-23 twin-barrels cut
In the year 2004, aero-contact assisted the USMC to get rid of Saddam's equipment.
The demilitarization work provided by aero-contact includes
the "de-mil" work itself, the verification of a declared "de-mil" status as well as issuing the necessary documents and reports for governmental departments to ensure that the "de-mil" status will be finally stated by them.



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