About us

Welcome to aero-contact where our corporate statement is

"Spirit of Excellence"

The "Spirit of Excellence" is reflected in all our business transactions, corporate and personnel policies, work ethics, quality manufacturing and quality service.

aero-contact was founded in 1992 as an aviation related engineering service and is registered in the state of Saxony/Germany.

aero-contact is solely owned by Bernd Rehn. The company is engaged in the research, development and preparation of aviation related joint venture programs and the acquisition of military and civil equipment.

aero-contact is a vendor of engineering service for the German Government and International Free-World Governments.

aero-contact also has excellent relationships with Canadian, CIS, Czech, German, Slovakian, UK and US Governments and companies and can supply competitive priced aviation equipment, all fully documented and certified. Technical and engineering support is also available.

aero-contact's highly skilled technical staff provides the engineering and maintenance skills to meet the technological needs of today's aircraft and spare parts requirement. Our engineering and planning team's spirit, coupled with the ability to maintain your aircraft or to provide any service could be the solution to your problem. No job is too small or too large, too simple or too complicated for our capabilities.

aero-contact offers quick response and competitive pricing. Our precision begins at the moment a solicitation or request for quote is received. Customers save time and money from the start since no middleman is involved.

aero-contact's flexibility and a spirit of innovation keeps us in forefront of change, ready to meet the technological challenges of tomorrow. Our team of experts delivers quality at a competitive price and schedule.

Let us show you how!



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