Special Aircraft Equipment

aero-contact has been developing aircraft equipment for 20 years now.

A mile stone was the internal water tank system for the Mi-14 fire fighter helicopters. But we are not limited to developments in the aviation sector only. There is a wide range from Aviation to Mining Industry and Fire Fighting where our products are used.

On customers request aero-contact manufactures various equipment based on customers need and data.

The scope of special equipment is wide spread, from a single airplane tow bar to a medium or high performance hydraulic ground power unit. We also loan our 28 V DC hydraulic gpu to our European customers.

Samples of Hydraulic Ground Power Units


Small 28 V DC hydraulic GPU of the Mi-24 "Hind" helicopter which works perfectly on the L-39

Single pressure system for small airplanes like L-29, L-39, Cessna 421 etc.

Ground Power Unit (double pressure system) for large helicopters and airplanes: select between 90 bar (1280 PSI) and 210 bar (3000 PSI)

This unit has been recently sold!



Hydraulic Ground Power Unit for large helicopters (Mi-8 / Mi-17 / Mi-171)  and LET L-410 airplanes (Base Maintenance)



Nitrogen boost cart

Dirty…but serviable. Used on the MiG-29 inert gas system (fire protection of fuel tanks).  Increases nitrogen bottle pressure up to 400 bar.

Can be also used to recharge half empty bottles. Makes out of 2 or 3 half empty bottles a full one.


Engine preservation rigs

the engine preservation rig serves the TV2-117 and TV3-117 engines of the Mil helicopter series, as well the L-39 engine AI-25TL

Feel free to ask for details. We also loan our 28 V DC  preservation unit 2.9909-00  to our European customers.



Other products are also available via aero-contact.

Military and civil parachutes and drag chutes from German manufacturers.

Drag chutes KB-2 (MiG-21) and KB-5 (MiG-29)

Drag chute KB-2

Drag chute KB-5 (MiG-29)


L-39 tow bar


L-39 tow bar   L39.9950 D

Why an original tow bar should be used and what the right procedure is

can be found here: Towing an L-39 on the NLG_


Mi-8 / Mi-17 tow bar

Mi-8 towbar installed











Mi-8 / Mi-17 Tow bar   8AT-9800-00

New or overhauled condition, in red or yellow – orange (RAL 2000) painted.

Towbar FLIR 1

Towbar FLIR 2













Spezial Mi-8 / Mi-17 tow bar for helicopters equipped with

FlIR and / or Search lights


LET- 410  tow bar












L-410 Tow bar B 097 581 


Electrical ground power unit (GPU)   SG-1




DCP10822 DCP10842








28-32V DC up to 600 Ampere  and 1 x 114 V 400 Hz AC   (4500 Watt) 



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